Siberian Kittens

Siberian KittenThere are many people around the world that are allergic to cats, but there is a breed of kitten that is considered hypoallergenic – the Siberian kitten. If you are allergic to cats but still want one of your own, you should definitely consider one of these adorable kittens. The fact that they won’t irritate your allergies is one great reason to own one.

Things You Should Know About the Siberian Kitten

The little guy is one of the breeds of cats known as a long haired cat. It is known for its ability to jump very high, and it is one of the strongest cats. They will grow into a cat that will weigh as much as 20 pounds (males – females weigh no more than 15 pounds). They are not as large as Maine Coon cats, but they can often weigh as much. They usually grow into their full size within the first five years of their life.

They are intelligent little things, and they are known for being very loyal (to the humans they let coexist with them). They are also very affectionate and playful, which makes them great for small children. They may need to be neutered in order to avoid their aggressive nature, which can often turn play fights into real ones.

Their fur usually is patterned in the same way as a tabby, and it is very plush. It tends to be of medium length, and is textured though it is not very common that the hair of the kitten will get matted. They have lower levels of the substance that irritates cat allergies, and they are far less likely to cause an allergic reaction than regular house cats.

The Siberian kitten has a tripe coat of fur, which helps to keep them warm in cold temperatures. The undercoat is very tight, though it thickens when the weather turns cold. The hair tends to curl around the britches of the cat, as well as on the cat’s little belly. The skin may even be slightly blue, something that is not too common in cats.

Raising A Siberian Kitten

Raising a Siberian kitten is similar to raising a regular kitten, though you won’t have to worry as much about cat allergies thanks to the fact that this little guy’s fur is low in the stuff that causes allergies. They are great cats for small kids, and they will be endless hours of fun for your little one. The kittens, adorable as they are, are usually born in smaller litters, often consisting of no more than four cats per litter. Some litters can have as many as nine cats at once, while other litters can have as few as one cat.

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