Female Kitten Names

Thousands of potential names exist for the female kitten. Shall we begin the process of settling on a name for your new kitty?  You might try observing your feline at play and let your imagination take the reins.

Just be mindful that your kitten companion will grow-up to become a female cat, with her own quirks. So that a cutesy name like “Cuddles” may not suit the persnickety adult cat.

Let’s look at several options to fire-up your inspiration during the naming game. There is something magical about gems and crystals, so let’s start with the following possibilities:

Precious Gems and Crystals

Already we have potential in “Precious” and “Crystal”!









You’ll find many females in the Bible that are prospective girl kitty names. Here are our favorites.



10. Candace

11. Vashti

12. Esther

13. Mara

14. Phoebe

Herbs and Plants

Peek into your spice cabinet or in your gardening book for unusual female kitten names.

15. Willow

16. Marigold

17. Ivy

18. Cinnamon

19. Ginger

20. Iris

21. Rosemary


Colors or names inspired by colors are intuitive and atypical baby girl kitten names.

22. Silver

23. Violet

24. Magenta

25. Scarlet

26. Crimson

27. Lavender

28. Indigo

Flowers or Shrubs

Floral names offer sweet inspirations for naming your little girl kitty.

24. Belladonna

25. Buttercup

26. Angelica

27. Cherry

28. Daisy

29. Zinnia

30. Snowdrop

Food and Drink

For totality of uniqueness, turn to food and drink when choosing an exceptional name for your female feline.

31. Chocolate

32. Cognac

33. Peanut

34. Molasses

35. Tapioca

36. Pistachio

37. Olive

Goddess Names

A pedigreed puss deserves a high-powered Goddess name: she will expect to be treated like one!

38. Lilith – is the Hebrew goddess who was Adam’s first wife. It is purported that she changed into a demoness. If your female kitten is mischievous and plays tricks, like hiding underneath the bed, Lilith may be the perfect name.

39. Hestia is the Greek goddess of hearth and home. When your baby girl kitten likes to keep you close and cuddle, this is likely a better name than the “Cuddles” we addressed earlier.

40. Brigid is Celtic and protector of children. Female kittens drawn to your children would resonate with this name.

41. Bast is the goddess of cats! She adores riding in cars.

42. Flora is the Roman goddess of babies and beautiful flowers.

43. Fortuna, also Roman, is the goddess of fate. (Awesome for psychic cats!)

44. Muses, Greek goddesses of inspiration. Sensational name for girl kittens of artists, writers, musicians, etc.


45. Cher

46. Buttons

47. Ariel

48. Shadow

49. Petunia


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