Abyssinian Kittens

abyssinian kittenThe Abyssinian kitten breed tends to have a lot of energy, and tends to be very active and playful.

This kitten is a great pick if you are looking for a feline friend that is fun and entertaining. Plus the Abyssinian is a very attractive. They are a midsize, with beautiful green and gold eyes of an almond shape, and a striking ticked pattern.

There are generally three different breed colors.The first is called ruddy; this is where the cat is an orange and brown color that is marked with dark brown or black. The second color for this breed is red; the cat has a warm color of fur that has chocolate brown spots. The last color of this breed is blue; this is a unique color where the cat looks like they have a mix of different shades of slate blue. They are a graceful and regal looking feline with soft, silky coats, and their hair is medium in length.

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