KittensRaising a kitten is a very rewarding experience. It’s like being a parent and you need to teach your kitten all about being a cat. It takes many hours to turn a kitty into a wonderful friend but it is well worth it in the end.

Kittens are born curious which is one of the many reasons people enjoy having a kitten around the house. They want to investigate every bit of their area. It can be a great joy and inspiration to see a kitten exploring its new found world.


Raising A Kitten

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Where to Adopt a Kitten

Many kittens who cannot find a home end up in an animal rescue and provide you with the opportunity to adopt. However, there is an application process.

This involves filling out a form, providing references, and even possibly being interviewed. Additionally, there is generally an adoption fee generally not more than a few hundred dollars.

Russian Blue Kitten

Rescue Centers

A rescue center cares for kitten who are in need of a home. If a kitten is brought in, it will be cleaned, groomed, and treated by a veterinarian. They are provided meals and bedding until their new home is found.

These centers don’t make a lot of money but the staff is dedicated to finding loving homes for their kittens. The staff will make sure that anyone who wants to adopt these animals are ready for the full responsibility of their care.