KittensRaising a kitten is a very rewarding experience. It’s like being a parent and you need to teach your kitten all about being a cat. It takes many hours to turn a kitty into a wonderful friend but it is well worth it in the end.

Kittens are born curious which is one of the many reasons people enjoy having a kitten around the house. They want to investigate every bit of their area. It can be a great joy and inspiration to see a kitten exploring its new found world.

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Siberian Kitten

There are many people around the world that are allergic to cats, but there is a breed of kitten that is considered hypoallergenic – the Siberian kitten. If you are allergic to cats but still want one of your own, you should definitely consider one of these adorable kittens.

The little guy is one of the breeds of cats known as a long haired cat. It is known for its ability to jump very high, and it is one of the strongest cats. They will grow into a cat that will weigh as much as 20 pounds (males – females weigh no more than 15 pounds). They are not as large as Maine Coon cats, but they can often weigh as much. They usually grow into their full size within the first five years of their life.

TSiberian Kittenhey are intelligent little things, and they are known for being very loyal (to the humans they let coexist with them). They are also very affectionate and playful, which makes them great for small children. They may need to be neutered in order to avoid their aggressive nature, which can often turn play fights into real ones.

Their fur usually is patterned in the same way as a tabby, and it is very plush. It tends to be of medium length, and is textured though it is not very common that the hair of the kitten will get matted. They have lower levels of the substance that irritates cat allergies, and they are far less likely to cause an allergic reaction than regular house cats.

The Siberian kitten has a tripe coat of fur, which helps to keep them warm in cold temperatures. The undercoat is very tight, though it thickens when the weather turns cold. The hair tends to curl around the britches of the cat, as well as on the cat’s little belly. The skin may even be slightly blue, something that is not too common in cats.

Raising a Siberian kitten is similar to raising a regular kitten, though you won’t have to worry as much about cat allergies thanks to the fact that this little guy’s fur is low in the stuff that causes allergies. They are great cats for small kids, and they will be endless hours of fun for your little one. The kittens, adorable as they are, are usually born in smaller litters, often consisting of no more than four cats per litter. Some litters can have as many as nine cats at once, while other litters can have as few as one cat.

Manx Kittens

Manx KittenManx kittens either have no tail or a stubby tail. They are also prone to experience worms and other parasites. They are very smart, playful, social, and don’t like to be left alone. They enjoy grabbing ball or toys when you throw them will even return them to you. This breed loves children and need a lot of attention.

If you want a kitten but don’t want to have to worry about its tail swishing you in the face or knocking down knickknacks, you might just find yourself interested in a Manx.

Believe it or not, the Manx is the only breed of cat that has no tail. Although this feline has no tail it is defiantly all cat. They have a round sort of look to them, from their round head to their round behind.

They are a muscular and solid breed. What adds to their beauty is the short, glossy coat that they have. Although they are tailless, they do possess a sort of stub at their spine. The Manx has a great personality, are quite intelligent, and has an even disposition. This cat tends to find one companion in particular that they truly love, but are great with all family members. They are playful, active, and adjust well.

Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau Kitten If you are looking for a spotted kitten, the Egyptian Mau is the way to go. They are the only natural breed that sports spots. They are a very beautiful and graceful feline that is also extremely muscular as well. This breed of cat is actually the fastest breed of domestic cat that there is. Although quite muscular, they are not that heavy. They have heads that have sort of a rounded shape. They have alert looking ears that can be either of a medium or large size and their eyes are the pretty almond shaped eyes with a slight slant and green color. What sets the Egyptian Mau apart from many other breeds of cat is that they have spotting around their body that can vary in shape, size, and location. They also tend to have an M shaped mark on their forehead that only makes them more unique. They have beautiful coats that are of medium length and can be found in various beautiful colors. They are a very smart cat that is quite active, and extremely loyal to their owners.


Abyssinian Kitten

abyssinian kitten

The Abyssinian kitten breed tends to have a lot of energy, and tends to be very active and playful.

This kitten is a great pick if you are looking for a feline friend that is fun and entertaining. Plus the Abyssinian is a very attractive. They are a midsize, with beautiful green and gold eyes of an almond shape, and a striking ticked pattern.

There are generally three different breed colors.The first is called ruddy; this is where the cat is an orange and brown color that is marked with dark brown or black. The second color for this breed is red; the cat has a warm color of fur that has chocolate brown spots. The last color of this breed is blue; this is a unique color where the cat looks like they have a mix of different shades of slate blue. They are a graceful and regal looking feline with soft, silky coats, and their hair is medium in length.

Munchkin Kitten

munchkin kitten

Munchkin kittens are adorable little furballs, but did you know that they are like little mutant kitties? That’s right, they have a genetic mutation that makes their legs much shorter than the legs of regular cats. However, rather than this mutation making them less adorable, they are some of the cutest kittens that you could hope to find. It is important to know as much as possible about these cute little balls of fur, as they are a great choice if you are interested in getting a kitten for yourself or your little ones.

You know how certain dog breed have short legs, such as the Dachshund, the Welsh Corgie, or the Basset Hound? Munchkin cats have the same genetic mutation as these dogs, but the good news is that Munchkins don’t have the same problems with their spinal column that these other animals have. This is because the spine of cats is very different than a canine spine, so the Munchkin’s spine works and looks almost exactly like a regular feline spine.

Did you know that there have been reports of short-legged cats throughout history? Russians called these adorable little cats “Stalingrad Kangaroo Cats”, and they have been found in other parts of Europe for many years. The first documentation of the cat was done in the U.S. in 1964. Ellen Kasten documented them in Westbury , New York, but they weren’t bred at the time. A music teacher native to Louisiana rediscovered them in 1983, when she found a pregnant cat gave birth to a litter – half of which were short-legged Munchkins.

As far as temperament goes, Munchkin kittens are some of the best for children. They are playful little cats, and they love being around people. They tend to be more outgoing than their more reserved cat cousins, and they are as intelligent as regular cats. They are easy to handle, and they are very easy to bond with if you handle them with love and care. They have a very sweet nature, and they are lots of fun for your kids to play with.

Many people are surprised at how much these Munchkins do, as their little legs don’t prevent them from getting into the exact same mischief as their long-legged cousins. They often have a personality similar to that of a ferret, but they are lots of fun to play with. They are often pets for kids due to their playful nature, and you will find that your child will have hours of fun with their little Munchkin kitten.

The cat will usually weigh 6 to 9 pounds (male) or 4 to 8 pounds (female), and a common trait is a slight bowing in their legs. The hind legs of the Munchkin are often slightly longer than their front legs, though the length of their legs tends to vary. They have a medium sized body, with either a plush coat or a coat that is silky and semi-long. They come in a wide variety of colors, just like regular cats, and their coat is often covered in a wide range of patterns.

Russian Blue Kittens

Russian Blue KittenRussian Blue felines come from the area of Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia in the northern part of European Russia by the White Sea.

These cats have developed a double later of fur due to the severe cold and length of the winters in that area. Their immune system also became resistant to many health aliments that other breeds often fall prey to. The Russian Blue is is beautiful, intelligent, loyal, and will have a high energy level throughout their life. These cats are also very playful and will chase after and retrieve balls and toys. Russian Blue Cats have also been known to learn how to open things such as windows and doors and play hide and seek. It is extremely loyal breed and will go to great lengths to please their owner.

American Shorthair

The American Shorthair comes in not only white with blue eyes but also other shades ranging from calico to shaded silvers. This breed is believed to originate from the domestic cats brought North America from Europe. This breed is active and has a large lean body built for being physical.